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TG War: The Masked Mysterio meets Nix
Setting: Bar, Extremely Stormy
The Masked Mysterio sat there at a table minding his own business.  The bartender comes up.
Bartender: Here ya go sir!  One Root Beer.
The Masked Mysterio: Thanks.
The Masked Mysterio takes a sip of his root beer.  Suddenly, someone sprints through the door.  He had brown hair, a strange blue knife, and a worried look on his face.  They also looked out of breath.
???: That storm came out of nowhere!  Holy crap!
The Masked Mysterio: This storm is said to last all day.
The teen jolts backwards in fear.
???: You are The Masked Mysterio!  Please stay away from me.
The Masked Mysterio: Don't fear me.  I won't attack you.  I only attack people who do wrong.
???: Wait, what?  You sure?
The Masked Mysterio: I promise.  What is your name sir?
Nix: My name is Nix, and I heard alot about you.  So I was worried you would attack me.
The Masked Mysterio: As long as you don't do anything bad, you won't have to
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TG War: The Masked Mysterio vs Gigagem
Setting: Modern Day, Nighttime, Building Tops.
The Masked Mysterio was staring over the city.  He was looking for trouble, and to stop the trouble.
The Masked Mysterio:  Darn....  That last call with Sam was close.  If only it was easier to keep my identity secret.
Random Lady: AHHHHH!!!
The Masked Mysterio leaps off the tall skyscraper, and lands like a cat on the ground.  He spots the lady being assaulted by a bulk, hulk-like figure.
The Masked Mysterio: Halt!
The masculine figure abruptly stops and turns towards The Masked Mysterio.  The face he saw was so reconizable, that no one could mistake them for anyone else.  Geminim.....
The Masked Mysterio: Gem?  Is that you?
Gigagem: Well...... Well......
Gigagem cracks her knuckles.
Gigagem: The Masked Mysterio.....  My master sent me to find you.  After all, he sees some use for you.
The Masked Mysterio: Looks like your master is a chicken.  If he is sending henchmen
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Each Persona of Lildawg
Christopher (The Hyper One)
This guy like to party and is overly excited all the time.  He tries to be harmless but screws up too much.  Not on good terms with many, except Christi.
Chris(The Smart One)
Chris loves science.  He does lots of experiments.  Most of the time they go horribly wrong.  Usually annoyed by Christopher, but on really good terms with everyone else.
Christoff(The Fancy One)
Christoff is known to be really fancy.  He loves tea and it gets on his nerves when someone is loud.  He is really annoyed by Christopher and Christi.
Christi(The Kawaii One)
Christi loves to be cute.  She always litters herself with bows and flowers.  She also has a crush on one of the other TG Society Members.  I am not going to say who though.  On good terms with Christopher and annoys Chris.
Christina(The Normal One)
She just wants to have a normal life.  Usually annoyed by every other persona. Except Christoff, who are usually on
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Dog Days Cover :iconlildawg32301:Lildawg32301 1 0
TG War: The Masked Mysterio's Identity
Sam was staring into the picture for hours.  He was trying to figure out who this guy was.
Sam: Brown hair, Excellent Swordsman, Stays Serious, knows Lildawg, and only seems to fight when threatened or when someone else is bullied.  Are you sure this isn't you Wolf?
Wolf: I told you a million times!  It is not me!
Sam: Well it has to be someone!  Who knows if this guy is evil?
Wolf: We could ask Athleto.
Sam: But he is skilled with knives, not swords.  I'm pretty sure he would suck with a sword, and he is not this dangerous.
Wolf: Well, it isn't Gem.  He is too big for the costume.
Sam:  You're right, so that takes him out.  He is usually not that serious either.
Suddenly, a voice comes from the back of the room.
???: Why do you guys want to figure out who I am?
Sam turns around quickly to see The Masked Mysterio in their room.
Sam: Wha?  How did you get in here?  All the windows and doors are locked!
The Masked Mysterio: Lock picking..
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TG War: The Masked Mysterio (Colored) :iconlildawg32301:Lildawg32301 1 0 TG War: The Masked Mysterio Picture (Uncolored) :iconlildawg32301:Lildawg32301 0 0 Kawaii Lozen (Colored) :iconlildawg32301:Lildawg32301 1 4 Kawaii Lozen (Uncolored) :iconlildawg32301:Lildawg32301 1 0
The Masked Mysterio Strikes Again
In an alleyway, Christi(The Kawaii one) is shoved to the ground.
Christi: Oof....  Why are you being mean to me?
Bully: Because I can't stand no good TGers!
As the bully rambles on about how and why he hates TGers, The Masked Mysterio sneaks up from behind.  The Bully picks up Christi.
The Masked Mysterio: Put......  The Alter Ego....... Down......
Bully: Well well well!  We have a brave fellow trying to save the damsel in distress!  Not today hotshot!
The Bully yanks out a REAL gun and takes a potshot at The Masked Mysterio.  When the bully recovered from the recoil, he noticed The mysterious warrior brought the bullet to a stop with his sword.
Bully: What the hell?!  People can't just block bullets with swords!  This is impossible!
The Masked Mysterio: Believe it buster!
The bully fires, but the bullets he shoot keep getting stopped in midair by the sword.  Then the swordman jumps at the bully as he fires another shot.  The bully miss
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TG War: The Masked Mysterio :iconlildawg32301:Lildawg32301 1 4
The Masked Mysterio (Sorry! Bad at Names!)
Setting: Modern Day, Rainy, at an Old Bar
TGer 1: Man look at this sword man!
TGer 2: Woah bruh!  I bet you can win the TG war with that!
A masked warrior sits at a table nearby and overhears the conversation
???: T-Ha!  You can't win an entire war with just one sword.
TGer 1: Whatcha sayin man?!  You got nothing on these skills!
???:  Then how about we duel?  If your skills are so great.  Or do we have a chicken?
The entire bar starts roaring out laughs and clucks
TGer 1: Bring it on dude!
The mysterious warrior pulls out an old musketeer sword.
TGer 1: Pfft....  That baby sword won't do anything against mine!
???:  It is not about the weapon, it is how you use it.
TGer 1: Whatever man!
The TGer takes a massive slash at the masked man.  The warrior defects the blow.
TGer 1: Nice one, but can you block more than one?
The TGer makes multiple slashes at the masked warrior,  but none of them land a blow.
???: T-ha!  You fight like a l
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Christina's First TG Society Event :iconlildawg32301:Lildawg32301 3 2 Christina's First TG Society Event (Uncolored) :iconlildawg32301:Lildawg32301 0 0 TG War Athleto :iconlildawg32301:Lildawg32301 1 0 TG War Lildawg :iconlildawg32301:Lildawg32301 2 9


the masked mysterio :iconawsomedudex90:AWSOMEDUDEX90 2 10 Sora Kingdom Hearts :iconawsomedudex90:AWSOMEDUDEX90 2 16 YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! :iconperrypickny:PerryPickny 1 18
Almost time, patty's day event!
Hey, everyone! It's almost time to put down your pencils, tablets, keyboards, bandanas, and iphones, cuz the deadline for the saint patrick's day event is almost here
id like to appologize for making this reminder so late, but for those that got *thiiiiis* close but arent quite done, now's your chance! This is your moment of glory!
but really, if you don't get it in in time, we might not get it in the collabs, sorry!
and have a good one!
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Yah know if Gamzee was there... :iconperrypickny:PerryPickny 4 16 cutie 3.14159 :iconmasterplanner:MasterPlanner 70 25
I was tagged by :iconthemightfenek:
Name: Rumpelstil- ooh hoo, almost got me there. 
Starsign: Gemini
Average hours of sleep: Like, six or seven.
Lucky number: all numbers are bad luck.
Last thing I googled: Knob goblins 
Amount of watchers: 321
What do I post: fetish junk, 
Do I run any more blogs: who wants to know? ;)
Why did I choose this username: Made it up on the spot. I was like, eminim... with a G!
I tag:
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Gala edge doodle :iconperrypickny:PerryPickny 5 34 TG Caption This: Wait! I Came From The Future! :icongeminim:geminim 11 14 Hats.jpg :iconjoenomrc:joenomrc 1 18
One in the Hand...
It is nice and sunny, the fresh air being breathed in and out of the lungs by a certain sniper in red. Skye... Jay Skye... my first victim. He appeared to be working on an airplane of some sort, German in design and sporting dual jets rather than the propellers of the standard World War 2 era aircraft. A smirk forms on my face as I chamber a sniper round more fitting for an artillery gun. Taking aim from my position two miles away in a rocky encampment, I pull the trigger and feel the force recoil into my shoulder.
This... Jay... could only hear the booming crack of my massive rifle before he found himself and his jet fighter were impacted by a high explosive round the size of a tank shell. His clothing vaporized in the blast, his body becoming much more slender and feminine as his hips widen and his waist pull inwards. His limbs became dainty and feminine as his thighs plumped up a bit, his gender inverting as two decently sized breasts form upon his... her chest.
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Mario and Luigi :iconalexisneo:alexisneo 92 6
Two in the Bush
Two targets this time... A guerrilla operative with multiple minds and a macho magician from Vegas. Easy, just have to wait for them to make a move on the trap I've lain. This time, I'd decided to try a more... direct approach. Sitting in an abandoned ghost town out in the western United States, I'd lain my bait: Through an anonymous tip, I'd informed these two that there was a Glyphix in the shape of a revolver that never missed its mark. This, however, was a lie at its finest. I waited in a dusty ramshackle saloon with one of my own men adorned in an Adidas tracksuit, biding my time behind an old bar top as I awaited my prey.
Waiting for my targets was a long and dusty time, considering I loathed sand. Hearing the sound of footsteps as well as the sound of a sort of car pulling up on the opposite end of the ghost town, I knew this was going to be quite the interesting scenario. "Ivan, are you ready?" I ask my partner, only to get a silent nod and a
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Me vs the masked mysterio :iconawsomedudex90:AWSOMEDUDEX90 3 6
art commisions
im starting point commisions now but dont fret my commissions wont cost much
no more than 5 da points per commission im a rookie deviant anyway
so if you want to commsion me hit me up remember i dont do nudity 
ill still do art trades it depends if im interested though
any way hope to hear from you all soon 
peace out 
art examples
hand drawn
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Your story 2 :icongeminim:geminim 5 11



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